About the development of the Corona virus

We monitor the course of events and the development of the Coronavirus Covid-19 and follow the guidelines given by the public health authority in Sweden.
Our highest priority is the health and well-being of our guests, visitors and employees.
We act in accordance with established procedures in the event of the discovery of Covid-19 on our hotel and our staff are trained in handling situations that arise.

Due to prevailing circumstances, we temporarily change our offer regarding food and coffee serving:

  •  The hotel's breakfast buffet has been temporarily changed in the range to more portion-packed food
  • Coffee in conjunction with conferences is served in the meeting room and the lunch buffet is replaced with plate serving
  • The restaurant is furnished with no congestion

    Accommodation and stay at the hotel

  • Cancellation policy for booking is valid 1 day before arrival before 15.00
  • Accommodation is at a distance from adjacent rooms
  • General areas, self-catering kitchen and toilets are equipped with soap, desinfective and disposable gloves.

    Some of our actions regarding Conference

  • We follow the Swedish Government's decision on a limited number of people in gatherings
  • The Conference Rooms are sparsely furnished to reduce the spread of infection
  • Hand hygiene items are available
  • The Coffee Break assortment is adapted and replaced with more portion oriented offerings
  • Coffee in conjunction with conferences is served in the meeting room and the lunch buffet is replaced with plate serving
  • Speakers may each receive a microphone

What we do for the safety of guests and employees:

  • We follow guidelines and recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Authority and the Government and all employees at all hotels are constantly receiving new information about Covid-19.
  • We have strengthened routines for cleaning and hygiene. This means, among other things, that we perform regular disinfection of frequently used surfaces such as door handles, card terminals and elevator buttons.
  • We have increased focus on hand hygiene and hand disinfection is often available to our guests in public areas.
  • We have strict routines for our staff's hand hygiene in connection with kitchen work, meals and toilet visits.
  • Maintained procedures for colleagues who are sick according to directives from health authorities.

    This information is valid until otherwise stated and may be updated at a later date.